Hogless in New Orleans

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Another couple, my wife and I were vacationing in the Big Easy this week. Of course, I just had to stop into the Harley Shop pictured below.  In New Orleans, approximately every five seconds you see or hear a Harley rumbling by.  That means I get overwhelmed with extreme jealousy… every five seconds.


This was our first time in this wonderful city.  By day three, we were completely settled in.  It’s not the cleanest city in the world, but it’s charm is undeniable.

As most of you probably know, I’m a music lover.  Yeah, I know, N’awlins is a pretty good spot to be,  right?  There is literally music everywhere.  Street corners, bars, festivals, outdoor cafes, markets, balconies and everywhere you turn, you’re likely to hear talented musicians.  To put it in perspective, I could easily see the street performers here in New Orleans playing on any stage, and at any venue in the nation.


-Frenchmen Street:  The epicenter of great live Blues and Jazz in New Orleans

-Meeting former Terps coach Gary Williams at the Court of Two Sisters Brunch Buffet


-Mufulettas at Central Grocery


-Hurricanes at Pat O’Briens


-Meeting NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson


-Playing poker with Jim Boeheim

-Meeting Charles Barkley randomly on Canal St

-Oh yeah… the NCAA Championship Game was pretty cool too




512.   40 miles per gallon, sucka!

I rode the Old Glory ’04 Road King in to work this morning.  Wow.  On a normal morning, I have a tough time getting it going.  Not this morning!  The hog commute is a pretty bad-ass substitute for caffeine.  I needed no such thing this morning.

Now, I look forward to the ride home trying to avoid all major roadways.


Sitting on a couch in a condo desperately trying to recover from one too many lemonades last night here in Ocean City, Md, I can only think of one thing.  Winter sucks.  Staring out into the Atlantic ocean, I can definitely say that I wish it were over. 

Seeing plenty of riders down here, I’m also thinking… Why in the hell didn’t I bring my bike?  It’s nice enough out.  I think I have to call myself out.  I didn’t ride nearly enough this winter.  Right here and right now, I vow to get some better gear at Old Glory next year so I don’t make the same mistake.  It’s sad when you can say that you have started up your Old Glory Road King in the garage just to listen to her purr more times than you’ve actually taken her out over the last few months.

Now, for the title of the blog.  Answer me this question:  What entity does a better job of marketing their product?   The band Kiss or Harley Davidson?

The Wave

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Dear November,

Thank you.

Love, Klug

Holy crap. The weather has been absolutely fantastic for riding. I really thought I would be pathetically sobbing on the steps of my garage, merely watching the bike I wished I was riding in the month of November. Much to the surprise of all Maryland bikers, November has given us the opportunity to ride more than ever. 75 degrees? Really? I recently rode the Road King (from Old Glory HD of Laurel of course) to my Saturday shift from Pasadena up to Hunt Valley. Like Colleen (10a-2pm weekdays on 100.7 The Bay) pointed out, I must have checked to make sure the bike still there by looking out the 7th floor window approximately 1.3 million times.

Here’s a little discussed tradition between Harley owners: The Wave. I have a theory. I believe that the first time you lift that right leg over your hog, you are automatically programmed with the instinct to wave to other Harley owners as you pass by each other. For me, it’s usually the “peace” sign underneath the clutch. It’s a sign of mutual respect. It’s the brief recognition of sharing that feeling you get when you’re on a bike. It’s like saying “damn right, bro” without opening your mouth at all.

Crotch Rockets? Well, they get a different “signal” all together.

I’d love to hear your take. Do you wave at fellow bikers? Harley owners? Crotch rockets?

Walk Around / Pipe Preference

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This video’s sound quality is absolutely nothing like hearing my bike in person, but it definitely gives you a better “360 degree”  view of my two-toned teal mistress.

I shot this video at the Old Glory dealership in Laurel last Saturday where the subject of pipes and sound came up often.  I like the rumble the bike has now, but in order for the bike to match my personality 100% (as all bikes should), I would need to get louder.  Ask coworkers, friends, total strangers and angry neighbors.  They would agree.  “That dude is loud a sh!*!!”.   (random Chipotle cashier after loud obnoxious / inapropriate belch)

This is where you come in.  I’ve done some googling and there are hundreds of different exhaust brands to choose from.  I am looking to upgrade.  I’m aware that your response is all personal preference, but as you can tell from my job title, ‘sound’ is something that’s important to me.

What is YOUR “pipe preference”?

The Loaner

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My ’04 Road King Classic needed some minor adjustments.  I viewed it as a great opportunity to go for a ride.  I took the back roads from Pasadena to Old Glory in Laurel.  Racetrack Rd was the best of the stretch.  The staff at Old Glory gave me a loaner bike for the ride back.  It was an ’07 HD Road King Firefighter Edition.

I immediately thought the guys at the Firehall would love it.  Our station  does a live broadcast from the Firefighters Union Hall 3 hours before the kickoff of every home Ravens game.  Its a great time, every time.  Unfortunately, I had to make a last minute decision to take my truck, not the bike, to the Ravens / Jets game.  Dang.  It turned out to be colder and rainier than I thought, so I ended up making the right decision.  I’ll say it again, though.  Dang.

I’ll post more pics of the bike later, when its not sad and lonely in my garage.  Weather… must… break!

My First Bike is a 2004 Road King

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Do I look just a little bit happy sitting on this sled?  Yeah, I thought so.  As if it weren’t completely obvious, I couldn’t be happier.

The ride home from Old Glory Harley in Laurel was the only thing I was worried about after I signed on the dotted line.  After all, the only place I had ever driven a motorcycle before that ride was in parking lots.  It proved to be everything I had hoped for.  Glenn, the salesmen from Old Glory (and my “Riders Edge” instructor) took time out of his day to ride along side of me for the ride home.  I thought that was above and beyond.  Asking around, that seems to be the norm for that joint.  From Bob Supler and on down the line, everyone I’ve dealt with at Old Glory seems to be top notch.

No, I didn’t ride with flip flops.  This was post-apparel-stripping.